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Raha Books- The Only Library Expert Persian(Farsi) Online Bookstore

Welcome to Raha Books, your one stop source for Persian(Farsi) Books / Farsi(Persian) Literature/Iranian Books/Farsi Music/Iranian Pop Music/Persian Poetry Books /Persian Folklore and Persian DVDs.

We have a large database of Persian/Farsi books where you can easily search for most recent publications published from Iran and outside Iran or your favorite authors, titles and desired subjects. Alternatively, we offer easy categorized browsing by author, title or subject.

We also offer bestseller Persian(Farsi, Iranian) Books and Persian classical literature at our Best Seller section.

For more information contact us today!!

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Featured Titles

 Negahi az daroon...

نگاهی از درون به داعش

Negahi az daroon beh Daesh - Inside Daesh (Islamic State)
This is the best-selleing book about ISIS or ...

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 Farhang Mardomi...

فرهنگ مردمی نهاوند

Farhang Mardomi Nahavand - A Dictionary of Nahavandian
This is a 2 volume reference work on the eth...

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1000 years of sobriety
These are real inspirational stories of twent...

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Parseh Tarikh Fars - Parseh History of Fars
This is a 3 volume reference encyclopedia of ...

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 Nakhostin Hamayesh...

نخستین همایش ملی...

Nakhostin Hamayesh Melli Mashruteh Gilan - Fisrt National Symposium on Gilan's Constitutional Role
This is a 2 volume collection of sociologica...

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 Yeki Nabood …!...

یکی نبود

Yeki Nabood …! 2vol - There was not One
Atefeh Monjazi is a popular Iranian woman aut...

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