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Divan e Atighi - Divan of Atiqi


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Jalal al-Din Atiqi is a poet and mystic from Tabriz who lived during the 14th century CE. This is in the time of Ilkhani rule in Iran. This is his most complete collection of his poems. The original manuscript is kept in Istanbul's Fateh Library. Iranian scholars have been able to procure a digital scan and publish it here for researchers and others. The manuscript is finished in 743 AH. There are 5 parts in Divan: Qasayid, Tarji'at, Ghazaliyat, Ruba'iyat and Masnaviyat. Professors PourJavady and Saeid Karimi have written an introduction to this important literary figure and his work.

Title Transliterian :   Divan Atiqi
Title in Persian :   دیوان عتیقی
Author :   'atiqi, Jalal Al-din
Author in Persian :   عتیقی, جلال الدین
Publication Place :   Tihran, Iran
Publisher :   Farhangistan Zaban va Adab Farsi
Year Published :   2009
Pages :   800
ISBN :   9789647531887
Subtitle :   Photoprint Of Manuscript From Fatih Library In Istanbul
Subtitle Transliterian :   Chap Aksi Az Ru Yi Nuskhih Yi Khatti Kibakhanah Fatih Istanbul
Year Published Iran :   1388
Other Specs :   Hard Cover- Index Of Names
Book type :   Print (regular)
Editor :   Pur Javadi, Nasr Allah
Size :   25cm
Tag :   Academic, Poetry, 14th Century CE