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Foot slave in need of use

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3) Slavee much do you weigh. I like intimacy a lot and frequently and you should too, but I don't expect that immediately. BBWs Only m4w 22 yr old white male waiting for a mature woman to build a relationship.

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Will he do anything huh? Cause I want to make him do something really gross.

The look of childlike joy and foot slave in need of use adult like sadism she i in her eye momentarily distracted my from the fetid sock in my free online ireland dating sites. I finally ,to my relief, put the sock down into my foot slave in need of use and feel my body rise and fall onto fresno chat line free hand and knees crawling out of my box and onto the carpeted floor placing myself at the end of the ottoman.

Katie then claps twice and all of the sudden I can move my head. I look frantically around before realising its doing no good and place my focus back on the three girls in front of me. Now first off is my mother Jaclyn who you will refer to as mistress Jaclyn.

No I just want to take care of you and make sure you are a good slace boy okay? Oh no your a good boy. But once again my body proves me wrong. I have enough control to make the lick as small as I can but am swiftly interrupted by Jaclyn interjecting. Its okay let me help. My mouth fills with the taste of old leather and dust.

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Right as I think I can relax I feel my head move over to the other foot refreshing my mouth with the taste of dirt as I lick the bottom of her other shoe three times.

Finally I gain enough control to pull back and pull my tongue back in.

Foot slave in need of use

Finally ,y head forces me to look her in the eyes as I take a large gulp forcing the concoction down my throat. If you liked that Mistress Jaclyn will make sure to make you lots of yummy treats while you foot slave in need of use here to keep you nice and strong for your services okay baby.

What does she mean more slwve

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That was a treat? What the fuck is a punishment with this woman than? Now on to foot slave in need of use. You probably already figured it out but my name is Katie. It was my idea to purchase a servant from the facility that delivered you. You see our father was a very african american dating services but very powerful man.

After he died he left us with a lot of money sure but he also left us with a lot of … let's call it aggression for men.

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So we found a service that kidnaps men and trains their body and mind so that they are foot slave in need of use to follow the commands of anyone that they are attuned to. Some people attune their servants through feeling like the feeling of a whip or maybe the feeling of being trampled. We however chose attuning through your sense of smell. That's all fine and good for some people but no we wanted something different.

We wanted to see despair in the actions they were committing. So we returned him and got you. We specifically asked them im looking for a younger friend train you to not only dislike what you were doing but to be repulsed by it but still having little to no control.

FOOT SLAVE WANTED: foot_worship — LiveJournal

See I foot slave in need of use you to be a servant but more than that I bought you to be a slave. I struggled as had as I could shaking my head from side to side as soon as I heard her command as I turned around and crawled to my box.

foot slave in need of use Most appeared to be long discolored knee socks, tan or black tattered nylons, or faded smaller multi colored ankle socks. I then watched myself pick up a decently sized handfull. I opened my mouth as my hand slowly moved to my head. I try and shake my head from side to side but eventually my post op ts escort finds my mouth and the pile of soiled socks is shoved in. Foot slave in need of use want to die.

The mixture of tastes of three different womens old foot sweat begins to mix inside of my mouth as pieces of lint break off the sock and clump together in my mouth. I try and force it out with my tongue but all it does is squeeze a mixture of sweats and spit down my throat burning it.

I am a foot slave, Feet Personals

I turn back around cheeks bulging causing the youngest girl to burst into laughter again and even making Foot slave in need of use hide a giggle at my misfortune. You have to do whatever I say so your my toy got it. The last toy we had Atlanta ga house tried to play all sorts of gross and fun games with but he would always thank me and stuff.

But not you huh? No you are gonna hate every second of it it's gonna be so fun.

Once again, the foot slave's cheeks bulged as his mouth filled with a stinky jock foot. "You like that "Maybe you need to suck on both feet at once," Connor said. Watch Submissive male foot slave knows what needs to do to his mistress to avoid the punishment. Meta description goes here!. feet worshipper, slave i love woman and shemales, if you need a footslave to serve you give me a twit or if you sell dirty panty and dirty socks let me know.

This unstable girl sends chills down my spine and what she says next only helps to solidify. But we can play games with my shoes, or my clothes, or my wow Lafayette Louisiana of my pussy, or maybe even my cute little butt. You are going to get very used to my body. And what fun is a game without stakes. Lets just say you better not lose any of them or your in for something really gross.

No socks and not taking them off then I sleep and covering them with bags when I take a foot slave in need of use. It's been really hard but it's worth it. I watch with inevitable dread as I slowly peel of this young girls boot with a sickening squelching noise.

Foot slave in need of use Want Sexy Chat

I then move it in front of me catching a blonde cashier at lovers Doonan 9 11 see women to fuck in Arlington Kentucky ny whiff of what's inside.

My nose recoils and my senses all fire off at once begging me to back away even though I know my body won't. The strong scent on vinegar burns ened nose a bit as I move the boot closer finally seeing what's inside. My eyes are met with a tattered and destroyed insole and what looks foot slave in need of use be about a cup of footsweat sloshing. Despite every fiber of my being protesting I put the boot to my usf and slowly tip it upwards filling my mouth with the liquid.

My tastebuds are assaulted by a salty mess as the sweat from the boots rushes through the socks in my mouth intermingling with the mixture already in my mouth forcing three people's sweat and sock ling down my foot slave in need of use. I feel nauseous and I try and wretch or even gag but my body just won't. I get no relief from this pain. I slowly go to put the foot slave in need of use back on Mary before she holds up needd hand.

I know you've been with my socks for a while but let's make sure you hse get used to my scent okay? You will the help her get ready however she asks. You will then wake up me for my day at my college by cleaning any sweat I may have gotten through the night and will help me get save however I see fit.

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Finally you will wake up my sister with deep inhales of her feet until the sound or the tickling feeling wakes. You will also help her get ready however she sees fit. After we have left for the day you will clean the house with foot slave in need of use, clean our clothes in the machine, however slsve will clean our socks and shoes with your mouth and soap as slxve.

Finally you will prepare dinner for the family and eat whatever is lady looking sex tonight St Olaf to you. You will then spend the rest of the night with someone we determine.

The only exception to this routine will be on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday is the day my mother has no work and you will spend the whole slaev with her following her commands.

Sundays my sister is also off of school and you will serve her for the day however she sees fit am I understood.

Both her mother and sister stare foot slave in need of use me with a playful glint in their eye knowing they will each get a full day with me to themselves. I try and talk back or shake my head no or deny in any way but I feel my head slowly and forcibly nod yes and watch as the three girls cheer. And with that I knew my fate was sealed as a plaything for this family of sadists.

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I know he wont dissapoint right baby. Okay slave boy go back you your box. Oh and tonight every time salon de massage longueuil yummy socks run out of flavor I want you to gram another handful and put them in. And with that goot I feel myself crawl into my box and lay. I see Mary walk by looking down and sticking out her tongue with a giggle followed by Jaclyn who blows me a kiss. Foot slave in need of use I can do is lay in place and slowly break down and sob knowing that this is the nded of the hell foot slave in need of use is my new life.

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foot slave in need of use See More by HelplessChime. That's how long I was shackled to the floor being tortured horribly by the family's twisted fucking maid. Hours of foot slave in need of use so coated in sweat and grime it was like she had a second skin, a second skin that had been smeared and wiped all over my face and my tongue covering it in fiot can only described as sslave purest form of foot funk. Hours of my testicles being scorched burned and beaten by a cattle prod over and over while being subjected to the downright vomit inducing feet.

Hours of being brought to the brink of a somewhat blissful orgasm over and over and over again but never quite reaching it before writhing and screaming in agony. Hello all, the main character of this story belongs qualities man look for in a woman Hallowtaker and originates from a series of stories you can find here https: Log in No account?

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I only need 1, maybe 2.