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Aramaneh va Enghelab e Mashrooteh Iran - Armenians and Iranian constitutional revolution


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Iranian historian Saeed Jalali, has attempted to fill an important gap in the history of Iranian constitutional revolution that is a proper analysis of the role of ethnic Armenians in it. He provides a brief review of Armenian's forced migration from their traditional homeland in Armenia to capital of Iran , siring that Shah Abbas's reign in the 16th century. This move he argues that despite being initially painful , turned out to be highly advantageous to Armenian population inside Iran because of the important and numerous economic and security advantages offered to them by Shah Abbas. For example, exemption from taxes, rights for the silk trade, exclusive rights to produce and sell alcoholic beverages. They were thus able to remain outside of traditional brutal and highly exploitative feudal land systems. By tracing this evolution to the time of Nasreddin Shah in the 19th century, he argues that their relative economic strength and ties to the court initially prevented them forming the constitutional revolution. Author ahs consulted many primary and secondary sources. Professor Garnik Asatooriyan from Yerevan, Armenia and Professor Jonaydi has both written short forewords to the book but with high praises for the author's valuable attempt, objective look and methodology. Highly recommended!

Title Transliterian :   Aramanah Va Inqilab Mashrutah Iran
Title in Persian :   ارامنه و انقلاب مشروطه ایران
Author :   Jalali, Sa'id
Author2 :   Asaturiyan, Garnik
Author in Persian :   جلالی, سعید
Publication Place :   Tihran, Iran
Publisher :   Pazhuhishgah Ulum Insani va Mutilat Farhangi
Year Published :   2013
Pages :   213
ISBN :   9789644265815
Year Published Iran :   1392
Other Specs :   Footnotes, Persian And Non-persian Sources And References, Index Of Names
Book type :   Print (regular)
Size :   24 Cm
Tag :   Academic, Ethnic Minorities, Politics, 19th Century, Jalali, Saeed