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Perspectives on the (book) "History of Rebels with a Cause in Iran"


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Dr. Maziyar Behrooz currently teaches at San Francisco State University. This short book contains a collection of interviews and articles by him that have come out after the publication of his original book about the guerrilla anti-shah movement during the 1970s in Iran. That book and this volume together shed light on an important part of Iranian history that has been more mythologized than studied. An important contribution.

Title Transliterian :   Tammulati Piramun Tarikh Shurishiyan Armankhvah Dar Iran
Author :   Bihruz, Maziyar
Publication Place :   Tihran, Iran
Publisher :   Akhtaran
Year Published :   2006
Pages :   183
ISBN :   9648897026
Subtitle :   Collection Of Articles And Interviews Of Maziyar Behrooz
Subtitle Transliterian :   Majmu'ih Yi Maqalat Va Mushaibih Ha, Dr. Maziyar Bihruz
Year Published Iran :   1385
Writers to Watch :   Yes
Book type :   Printregular
Size :   22 Cm
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