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Feng shui for today


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This book explains in a simple language and with the help of charts and diagrams, the basics of Feng Shui and its application to a modern house. The author is an expert in acoustical architecture and comes from a long line of Feng Shui practitioners and Chinese astrologers.

Title Transliterian :   Fing Shuyi Bara Yi Imruz
Author :   Lau, Kwan
Translator :   Qarachih Daghi, Muhammad
Publication Place :   Tihran, Iran
Publisher :   Asim
Year Published :   2008
Pages :   134
ISBN :   9789644180293
Subtitle :   Arranging Your House For Health And Wealth
Year Published Iran :   1387
Bestseller :   Yes
Other Specs :   5th Reprint
Book type :   Printregular
Size :   22 Cm
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