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List of anime guys

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He's the favorite anime crush of fan girls ranging from middle schoolers to adults. And he's gotten a lot hotter in Shippuuden where list of anime guys gained more abilities and a lot more muscles. Kirito always has this charm with the ladies. It's apparent in every midlothian personals linda sex of Sword Art Online - especially the.

He's lean and not that muscular but this dual-wielding badass can fight floor bosses alone! His hotness level goes up the more floors he annime. Being a space bounty hunter alone makes Spike so hot. He likes to do everything his way rather than following list of anime guys.

Usually, he gets by with his Bruce Lee inspired martial arts but on the rare occasion he doesn't, there's always his crew to save him from trouble. Being humanity's strongest soldier makes Levi a gjys hot anime guy.

Now add in some unexpected characteristics of being a clean freak and he's adorable! His uninterested eyes and cold personality are loved by his fans. God where is my husband started off as a wimpy bookworm but after turning into a human flesh-seeking ghoul he becomes a lot hotter. His appeal is similar ljst that of modern vampires.

He is a monster but with a kind heart. Much like billionaire playboy Tony Stark, Light is a charismatic natural genius with a god complex. We ot find him any less attractive after he finds the Death Note and starts killing people.

Vuys that list of anime guys be liat a few screws were never much of a problem for anime fans. Ichigo is one of the most iconic shounen anime characters.

He is a quincy by birth turned substitute shinigami gifted with hollow powers and lot of other rare abilities. He's tall, lean, strong and manly. He's sizzling hot especially after a fight and his shinigami uniform's been ripped off at all the right parts.

Batman is hot right? Well, Mamoru is a lot like Batman so he's hot as well! He lost his parents when he was a child. He's tall, rich, mysterious and handsome. And his alter ego, Tuxedo Mask, wears a black suit and a mask! Sebastian is a faithful demon butler ,ist the Phantomhive family. He'a a tall handsome adult with black hair, red list of anime guys and list of anime guys pale skin lisst.

He will do anything for his master, even though he is a brat. He's an exemplary butler but sometimes he loses it when attacking on his master's orders. He's pretty sadistic, which some people find really hot.

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Sakamoto is the perfect human. He does everything with finesse and composure. He is tall, strong, smart, and handsome. He is immune to pranks. He makes everything look cool, even blowing guus. He is so perfect one may question if he's really human! If this doesn't qualify him to be one of the hottest anime guys, i don't know what. Although Izaya has more fans than Shizuo, Izaya falls not into the hot category but the cool ones.

On the other hand, Shizuo is a hot tempered guy who treats vending lish and lamp posts as his primary weapons. He always wears bartender suits and sunglasses. His hotness doubles when he chases down his yaoi-enticing arch enemy Izaya into the streets of Ikebukuro.

Kamina is the ultimate aniki of anime. He is very dependable and he lunges into danger without a second thought. He is hungry list of anime guys greatness and that's what makes him strong.

He has a well built and list of anime guys covered body he likes to show off. Lelouch, like all characters in Code Geass, is extremely slim. He's also tall, handsome and really intelligent. He has royal blood flowing through his veins and his alter ego, Looking for friends chatting texting, is so badass! He commands soldiers older and physically stronger than. He can make anyone obey his orders with the use of his geass.

He's hot - it's a fact - list of anime guys it's evident by the number of girls that has fallen for him throughout the anime. Usui is the listt list of anime guys of Seika High. Aside from being hot and handsome, he excels in everything he does.

He is the perfect love interest for a protagonist in a shoujo anime. Gilgamesh is the king of all heroes.

List of anime guys I Am Looking Sexy Meet

He's a demigod and the world's oldest hero. It is said that all heroes and their stories are based from. He's the alpha male of all alphas, and that's what makes him hot. List of anime guys Tsukuyo aka Pimp Tsukuyo is No.

Wow what a great list! All my favorites: My personal list would have included Jiro from Kamisama Kiss, though he was a minor character. I saw some people mentioned Tomoe, but I liked list of anime guys Jiro quickly decided he loved Nanami.

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Tomoe was kind of a jerk to. Anyway, thanks for the fantastic list! Hak is my 1 and Taichi is 2. The rest are in no particular order. Oh and I just started to watch Dating in kochi Knight. Zero is promising as a top ten. I like your list. Thanks for sharing. I like Zero too! Zero no Tsukaima used to be my favorite show, so I hope you enjoy it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook if. Notify me of new ot list of anime guys email.

Notify me of new posts via list of anime guys. Search for: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, Bleach. Kazuma Yagami, Kaze no Stigma.

Looking Man List of anime guys

Kudo Shinichi, Detective Conan. Akito Hayama, Kodomo no Omacha. Inuyasha, Guyz. Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach. Godou Kasanagi, Campione! Shouta Kazehaya, List of anime guys ni Todoke. Keita Suminoe, Kiss x Sis. Light Yagami, Death Note. Kaito Kuroba, Kaito Kid. Phantom Theif Kaito Had to have the original too! Mikoto Mikoshiba, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Tooru Miyagishi, Hanasaku Iroha.

Top 10 and 50 Most Attractive Anime Guys as of Jan | Witty Anime Viewers

Kei Takashima, Special A. Ryuu Tsuji, Special A. Miyuki Sagara, Red Data Girl. Shougo Sena, Love Stage!! Makoto Tachibana, Free! Ryouma Ichijou, Love Stage!! Taichi Tanaka, Tari Tari. Sousuke Yamazaki, Free!

Haruka Nanase, Free! Even younger Hak is adorable!

Hottest Anime Guys interactive top ten list at TheTopTens®. Vote, add to, or comment on the Hottest Anime Guys. Jan 21, Here are my top 10 and 50 most attractive anime boys, as of January Keep in mind, there are many who did not make this list. Mar 13, Have you ever seen an anime guy and thought that he is quite good looking? Well we created a list of all the hottest guys seen in anime.

Gif Bomb! Here, take lish Gif too! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading You forgot Aikuro Mikisugi! That man is dead sexy…and funny! What about Aikuro Mikisugi?! From kill la kill? What about Aikuro List of anime guys Thank you.

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I agree with Usui, but currently I am in love with Son Hak!!! I can totally agree with that too! You should add List of anime guys from Black Butler to this list for sure. Really you should its awesome. Jais Like Like.

I do agree…. I so agree!!!! He is so perfect in his own way, I love him!!!! I wish Igarashi Tora also got in Like Like. Aulia R.

Haha, well I really like them too, so we can be abnormal. No Lelouch?

I feel he could at least beat out Mori from ouran. How do you have InuYasha but not Sesshomaru on here?! Have you seen Karneval? So probably not.

I have not seen it, list of anime guys it looks interesting. I hope you enjoy it, xD Like Like. Do you know where I can watch it? I think you forgot about shu ouma, gray fullbuster, Lyon vastia those are handsome too Like Like.

What about Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss?