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Lovers under Daesh gillotine


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Mahdi Ashtari is an Iranian jewelry artist, miniature artist, author of ten previous fiction books . He has also held exhibitions for his art in many museums. He has written this fictional account to emphasize the power of love over the power of hate by putting it in the context of a seemingly impossible love under Daesh atrocious rule in the territories held by them.

Title Transliterian :   Ushaq Zir Giyutin Daʻish
Title in Persian :   عشا ق زیر گیوتین دا عش
Author :   Ashtari, Mihdi
Author in Persian :   اشتری, مهدی
Publication Place :   Tihran, Iran
Publisher :   Alburz
Year Published :   2016
Pages :   180
ISBN :   9789644429507
Year Published Iran :   1395
Writers to Watch :   Yes
Book type :   Print (regular)
Size :   22 Cm
Tag :   Middle East Politics, War, Terrorism, Violence