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Cosmological music and sama'


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Dr. Kazem Mohammadi Vayqani has written more than 30 books on various topics of Irfan or mysticism. In this book, he goes back to the roots to explain what the famous but hardly understood concept of Sama' ( whirling and dancing of Dervishes) is. He also discusses music and its meaning for the true "aref" or Sufi. He starts the book by giving a history of Sama' and then explicating the meaning and importance of reed pipe , Ney, with which Molavi (Rumi) open his Masnavi (Mathnavi)

Title Transliterian :   Musiqi Va Sama' Kihani
Author :   Muhammadi Vayqani, Kazim
Publication Place :   Karaj, Iran
Publisher :   Najm Kubra
Year Published :   2009
Pages :   208
ISBN :   9789642905201
Year Published Iran :   1388
Other Specs :   Bibliography-index
Book type :   Printregular
Size :   22 Cm
Tag :   Academic, Molaviyeh, Masnavi, Molavi, Erfan