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Need or want to give hot head

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Have you ever experienced a hothead? Someone that responds or communicates in an impulsive or aggressive manner?

Or they react before thinking? When you keep your cool and talk in a mild tone, you will help keep the situation from escalating. Say something like: Can we talk about it?

Calmly listen to what they have to say, from their perspective. Usually, you need to let them blow off some steam before you can have a reasonable discussion.

Let them vent, without judgement. And, no matter how tempting it is to join in their bad behavior, do your absolute best bead conduct yourself in a calm and respectful manner.

Tell them what you feel and want to have happen. Help me understand how we can solve this problem. If they try to make it personal, back up and revisit the issue.

Be a broken record if you have to. Start small and if you want, practice what you will say.

As you have successes, it will become easier and easier to. The trick is to deal with the conflict sooner rather than of — conflict tends to grow over time.

For more information on conflict strategies, interpersonal communication and communication skills that will help you transform a relationship or two, please visit my web site: Both are available on Amazon.

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