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Dastan e man - My story


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Iranian revolution's impact on life of a generation, neigh a couple of generations who have experienced revolution, war and life in a foreign country is captured in this story. Mr. Yari, the protagonist is a man in his late fifties or early sixties. He travels back and forth between Iran and Holland like many of people his age.

Title Transliterian :   Dastan Man
Title in Persian :   داستان من
Author :   Tahiri, Jamshid
Author in Persian :   طاهری, جمشید
Publication Place :   Tihran, Iran
Publisher :   Quqnus
Year Published :   2012
Pages :   167
ISBN :   9789643119966
Year Published Iran :   1391
Writers to Watch :   Yes
Book type :   Print (regular)
Size :   22 Cm
Tag :   Literary, Immigrants, Memoirs