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Del Aram - Dil Aram


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After his father's death, Delaram now lives with her aunt. Hamed is her aunt's son and he loves Delaram. When he is about to leave Iran to go abroad for studies, he confides to her that he is in love with her and that in three years when he comes back he would like to marry her. Delaram who is surprised but this agrees but she knows full well that after seeing the failed marriage of her parents, she will never ever has any plans to get married. Now Hamed has come back and is wooing her.

Title Transliterian :   Dil Aram
Title in Persian :   دل آرام
Author :   Faraj Allah, Riyhanih
Author in Persian :   فرج الله , ریحانه
Publication Place :   Tihran, Iran
Publisher :   Ali
Year Published :   2013
Pages :   672
ISBN :   9789641931522
Year Published Iran :   1392
Book type :   Print (regular)
Size :   22 Cm
Tag :   Romance