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Political Science

Bahayiat va Rezhim e Pahlavi - Baha'ism and Pahlavi Regime


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This is the doctoral thesis of Layla Chamankhavh, Iranian political scientist. She has taken a new look at the controversial topic of Baha'ism and its relationship to the state power in the as a religious minority. This fits in the larger theoretical problematic of state-minority power relations. It is argued here that to be correctly understood, this relationship is not just a simple top-down structure with an apriori conclusion about the outcome. Nor can Bahai's be simply regarded as tools of foreign interests. The book is both a historical and sociopolitical analysis of Baha'ism since the advent of its precursor, Babism in the early 19th century in Iran during the reign of Mohammad Shah Qajar. The six chapters of the book thus trace the religious and social evolution of Babism into what is known today as Baha'ism. While initially the Qajar state repressed the group because of their anti-monarchial activities, Reza Shah dealt harshly with them while pursuing a general ultra nationalist policy. Initial innocuous phase of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's reign, 1941 - 1953, saw their regrouping and increase in their organizational power and thus their increased impact on state's policies. This happens in the absence of any other organized religious or ethnic minority power groups. Thus from 1953 to the Iranian revolution in 1957, the Bahia's were able to utilize their increased clout to participate in the state to advance their own minority cause which was also aligned with government of Israel. In addition to reviewing primary and Pahlavi archival material, the author has interviewed Bahayi persons as part of her field study. Many documents have been reprinted in the appendix as facsimiles. This is an important reference document.

Title Transliterian :   Bahayiat Va Rizhim Pahlavi
Title in Persian :   بهاییت و رژیم پهلوی
Author :   Chman Khvah, Liyla
Author in Persian :   چمن خواه, لیلا
Publication Place :   Tihran, Iran
Publisher :   Nigah Mu'asir
Year Published :   2012
Pages :   267
ISBN :   9786005747195
Year Published Iran :   1391
Other Specs :   Footnotes, Facsimiles,
Book type :   Print (regular)
Size :   22 Cm
Tag :   Academic, History, Religion, Politics, Baha'I, 19th Century, 20th Century