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Hard questions


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Susan Piver is an executive at Putnam Books-on-CD company and an educator. In this important book, she poses 100 tough questions that prospective couples would do best to take the time and explore together.

Title Transliterian :   Balih Burun
Author :   Piver, Susan
Translator :   Muqimi, Husiyn'ali
Publication Place :   Tihran, Iran
Publisher :   Khatun
Year Published :   2006
Pages :   154
ISBN :   9649699317
Subtitle :   100 Questions To Ask Before You Say” I Do”
Subtitle Transliterian :   Qabl Az Balih Guftan Bih In Sad Sual Sakht Pasukh Dahid
Year Published Iran :   1385
Book type :   Printregular
Size :   22 Cm
Tag :   Relationship