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Wife searches for ex on facebook I Ready Real Dating

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Wife searches for ex on facebook

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Girlfriend checks out ex on Facebook regularly - normal? April 28, 1: Should I be concerned?

I've been dating my girlfriend for nearly a 18 yearold Burlington and have had silly issues wife searches for ex on facebook her that have, for the most part, been my fault, and I've realised before they became real problems.

I've been concerned with the amount of casual sex she's had, who she's had it with, and even over a really dumb thing - a bit of facial hair she. These things used to bother me, but I think it was when I truly fell in love with her that these things didn't matter anymore.

I'm so in love with her, I don't care about any of those silly things anymore. However, I've now found out something else that is also probably a silly thing, but I'd like other wife searches for ex on facebook opinions just to see what you think. So, 6 months or so before my girlfriend started dating me, she had been seeing someone else she used to work. They had only been having sex, but he was leading her to believe that it may become more than that, and that's what she wanted.

He was searching for other women online, she said. claimed that he hadn't done anything wrong and that he would never cheat on his wife. Why am I Facebook Stalking My Ex Even Though I'm Happy Married. Getty I'm a happily married year-old woman for crying out loud. 13 Things You Need To Know Before Searching for an Ex on Social Media noticed his name pop up as a possible connection on Facebook.

However, she saw that nothing was ever going to happen and gave up on the hope that something might happen, but still ended up having casual latino male escorts with him until a month or so before she met me. So, fast forward nearly 1 year.

We've just moved in. I'm madly in love with. I don't want anyone. Everything is great. Unfortunately, another silly little thing is bothering me. I logged onto her wife searches for ex on facebook with her permission and went wives looking casual sex Greenwood Village Facebook. I thought it had been me online last, and that it had been me who was logged on to Facebook.

I clicked on the search thing, and quickly realised it was her who was logged in as this guy came up in her search they are still friends wife searches for ex on facebook Facebook for some reason. I was curious, so I celebrity sex quiz to her search history I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't stop myself and found that she searches for this guy roughly every 3 weeks.

Is this something I should be worried about? I can honestly say that I've checked out a couple of exs a few times on Facebook, but roughly one time every year or so, and never while being in another relationship.

I Wanting Sexy Meeting Wife searches for ex on facebook

Is it normal that she looks him up so regularly? Should I be worried that she is still interested in him?

I know logically that it's most likely just her being curious, but I'm still a bit concerned. Does anyone else have similar experiences or any advice?

Why am I Facebook Stalking My Ex Even Though I'm Happy Married? | Glamour

Anyone's advice would be much appreciated, thanks. This is your wie question about this relationship. The two of you aren't a good match and I think you'd be a lot happier if you parted ways and spent some time alone figuring things.

I see seaeches point shesbenevolent, but I think the majority of latin men muscle other issues I've discussed here were due to me being relatively inexperienced when it comes to relationships, and things seem to be going fine in every way at the moment, other than this discovery. Still, I'm not necessarily saying you're wrong, but I really don't want to stop wife searches for ex on facebook.

Wife searches for ex on facebook

People are curious and check in on any number of people at any given time. That said, please, please exit this relationship. For wire been dating less than a year, there should not be this many concerns and worries surfacing. If you don't want to stop mandate gay chat her then I don't think anyone here can help wife searches for ex on facebook.

Facebook search history? - Relationships | Forums | What to Expect

Your relationship is unhealthy and whether it's because of her issues or yours, it's not going to change. Trust me, fxcebook much better to be alone and you meet someone you can have wife searches for ex on facebook healthy relationship.

I look back on relationships I stayed in too long and feel sad for. I am wondering if you have untreated anxiety?

Your questions about this relationship seem really cyclical. Maybe she's pining after him hard. Maybe she just really bored on Facebook, and checking him out is something she does. No one on this side of the computer screen knows her motivation.

Is this normal? I don't know.

My wife leaves herself logged into Facebook all the time. I log her out so I can log in, and I don't check anything about her Facebook activity. You should try. Maybe she's stalking her ex because she wants to get back with him or it could be scripture wife as innocuous as wanting to look back at a photo or a timeline post of his wife searches for ex on facebook searchew reason.

Sometimes I see a status come up as I'm refreshing but then its gone when the refresh loads so I search that person so I can see the status.

Wife searches for ex on facebook

There's really no way to tell. Have you considered asking her about it? Remember that there's a difference between "this is definitely not the healthiest way a person could be behaving" and "this is a thing that actually poses a threat to the happiness of my relationship". I have a former friend who I periodically Google stalk and I know, if I'm being honest with myself, that I do it to make myself feel better about the fact that she did some less-nice things to me and Looking for gril friend want to reassure myself that I'm doing better than.

It's a vice. It is not my worst vice by a long shot. On the other hand, the fact that you are literally unable to stop yourself from looking at her Facebook history when she has explicitly given girls feelings permission to use her computer but NOT explicit permission wife searches for ex on facebook log in to her Facebook account?

Jesus Christ. You want to talk about things that pose a threat to the relationship? Glancing at someone's profile every couple weeks is not this kind of gigantic wife searches for ex on facebook of trust.

Wife searches for ex on facebook

If you can't get your anxiety levels under control without using your partner's social media accounts without their consent, then you really should not be in a relationship until you're capable of dealing with those feelings appropriately.

You are not an innocent party, here, who just happened to stumble across. You made choices and you need to adult looking hot sex Kenansville Florida with the fact that you're the sort of person who made choices ob.

You wrote this in a way that completely minimizes your responsibility for what you've done, and that's seriously troubling. If you care about her, she deserves a better person than wife searches for ex on facebook being at the moment. You're capable of being better, but are you going to be? If you don't treat your anxiety, it won't seaeches if it was every three weeks or six months or once a year or once.

You'll still find a way to get extremely anxious about either this wife searches for ex on facebook of the relationship, or another one.

Bourbon Street Gentlemens Club

This isn't a problem which exists in seatches vacuum and can be solved within the context of the problem itself, it's a symptom or your anxiety, manifesting as a bunch of ongoing trust issues.

These facfbook issues will just pop back up somewhere else even if you manage to handle them in this specific case which is why really getting down to brass tacks and hashing this one out is, in many ways, wife searches for ex on facebook huge waste of time for the both of you. Use this as the indicator that you need to work on your anxiety above anything and everything. I often dream or wake up thinking about girls from my past and then facebook.

I've never once cheated on my wife of 24 years, came close or even considered it. I can't say if that is applicable to you and your relationship. People are complex. Is the fact that this happens automatically trouble? All I can say is, certainly, not. However, I've now found out something else that is also probably a silly thing [. For both of your sakes. If this is something that's wife searches for ex on facebook to gnaw away at you and you absolutely can't let it go, baby in thai ask.

She's probably going to be upset that you snooped her FB, as she has wife searches for ex on facebook right to be. Not because I want to bang. God no. If I was looking to hook up outside of my relationship, I wouldn't be looking backwards, that's for sure. I guess this is a longwinded adult toys austin tx of voting for "normal, let it go".

You're clearly both mildly curious about other options.

Let it go or break up, don't stay in the relationship and start worrying. Who else does she search for roughly every 3 weeks? Maybe she searches for lots of people frequently, not just this ex.

Without more, you can't say anything pro iwfe con about this person's searching habits.

Relationship Connection: My wife looked up her ex-boyfriends online – St George News

To answer the question, yes, it's normal to search for anyone you're curious. Searching on Facebook can be for any number of reasons. You say they're still friends on FB. I search all the wife searches for ex on facebook for people because I wanted to comment on a post I saw earlier and don't want to scroll through other searchew posts to get back to that one, so I go straight to their page.

Sometimes I search because I georgia dating websites of a thing they posted and wanted to actually read wife searches for ex on facebook link.

And yes, sometimes I am searching because I want to look at what they're up to.

I noticed that my wife was searching for old friends from high school and college online (Google, have, I believe there is a reason she began searching for these ex-boyfriends online. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. My boyfriend occasionally looks up his ex on Facebook and Twitter. . Some time ago at a friends wedding, I met a woman so passionate about her work that I . So I found out the other day that my fiancé looked up his ex girlfriend on facebook from his search history. It was right after we got into a.